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Toronto couple searches for match for 3-year-old son with rare form of leukemia

Ethnic minorities, especially those from mixed races, are severely underrepresented in the stem cell database. Please, if you or any of your family members are between the ages of 17-35, consider signing up to be a donor. There is no commitment on your part unless a match is found, and registration is as simple as doing a cheek swab at home. Visit this link to take the questionnaire to see if you’re eligible to join the stem cell registry. Little Xavier here is only 3, or mixed Filipino and Vietnamese descent, and is in desperate need of a match. His life depends on it, and maybe someone you know might be in need someday too.

Greetings from Sandra Racco

Happy Lunar New Year to all….may the Year of the Ox bring you much good health, happiness and prosperity!!!

Ox shows signs of strength, reliability, fairness and conscientiousness, inspiring confidence in others to move forward together with a sense of renewed hope and optimism.  Therefore I am confident that 2021 will provide us with the time and energy to slowly recover and bounce back even stronger.

<Councillor Sandra Racco is a member of CMC Advisory Board>

Live & Love – Celebrating 2021 Lunar New Year

Live & Love – Celebrating 2021 Lunar New Year with Chinese Cultural Centre (CCC) of Greater Toronto

Uncommon times call for unity, strength and creativity. The Year of the Golden Ox is coming on Feb 12th while the COVID-19 pandemic is still far from over. To lift the spirit of our communities, the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto is putting together more activities than ever for this year’s Lunar New Year celebrations, including an across Canada live streaming event that’s unprecedented in Canada.

February 14th 3PM EST: Music for a Brighter Tomorrow (Virtual)
Join us for a lovely piano concert featuring works of Chopin, Beethoven and many more on Valentine Sunday afternoon in the comfort of your home while doing meaningful things for the community. All the funds raised in this concert will be used to provide hot meals for the home-bounded seniors during the Chinese New Year.
Please visit https://youtu.be/llGKmqQwffA for the live streaming concert

February 15th 2PM EST: Celebrating Lunar New Year on Family Day (Virtual)
An extravaganza of cultural performances in dance, music and martial arts will delight your festive spirit while a cultural village of arts and crafts will be displayed. Please visit http://www.lnyonfamilyday.ca for the live streaming show.
● Greetings
● Lion Dance
● Martial Arts Performance
● Chinese Ribbon Dance – Goh Ballet
● Chinese Music Ensemble
● God of Fortune
● The Cultural Village
Showcasing Arts, Crafts and Traditions: Paper Cutting, Paper Folding, Chinese Calligraphy, Tea Ceremony and Cooking Shows

February 18th: Celebrating “Everyone’s Birthday” (人日) with Seniors
Our centre’s volunteers are providing 300 hot meals to the seniors in our neighborhood on Feb 18th to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

February 21st 9PM EST: Celebrating Year of the Golden Ox across Canada
We are thrilled to connect with the Chinese Cultural Centres (CCCs) across Canada to produce a first ever, from coast to coast, Lunar New Year 2021 National Program. It will be aired on Feb 21st 9PM on the Fairchild 1 TV Channel. Here are the Event Organizers:
 Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto
 Chinese Benevolent Association of Nova Scotia
 Winnipeg Chinatown Development Corporation
 Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre
 Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver

Bundle of Happiness, 福袋

CCC is delighted to announce the sale of our limited edition, Bundle of Happiness, 福袋, during the Lunar New Year Festival. It is a perfect festive gift for family and friends! The Bundle includes: 2 gift certificates sponsored by Congee Queen Group valued at $100; a cute plush Ox; a bottle of fine wine; a Deluxe jar of CCC XO sauce; a box of CCC Smiley cookies and a pack of ten specially designed CCC red packets. All the valuables for the price of $150! To order, please email to Simon.ip@cccgt.org. Please act quickly since we have limited quantity!