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Taiwan Fest – What’s your VYbE? / 亂流

Jasmin Yeung and YJ Lee from VYbE Dance Company reflect on their journeys and experiences through their journeys in pursuing to become the next kpop idols! Get ready to learn some new moves as YJ teaches us some moves from In the Morning by ITZY.

VYbE舞團的Jasmin Yeung和YJ Lee回顧了他們追逐成為下一個K-pop偶像的旅程和經歷! 準備好學習一些MV舞蹈動作了嗎? 因為YJ 將教我們 ITZY 在《In the Morning》中的舞蹈。
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Roa Lee’s deep passion for love and music has given her the opportunity to explore the world’s music and collaborate with many different cultural groups. Join us for Roa’s Story as she reminisces about some of the people and groups that have influenced her musical journey.  

Roa Lee 對音樂的熱愛讓她有機會探索世界音樂並與許多不同文化的團體合作。 加入我們一起了解 Roa 的故事,聼她回憶那些影響自己音樂之旅的人事物。 
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Taiwan Fest started..

#WaldoLostInTaiwan / 阿龍在台灣
/ Virtual – Performance /

#WaldoLostInTaiwan is a mini-doc that goes deep into the life of Dallas Waldo, a bilingual rap artist who performed on screens and stages across Asia while based in Taipei, but when he found out his mother was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer he left a COVID-free Taiwan to be back with his family in Canada.

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ALPHA Education Commemorates the 9th International Memorial Day for “Comfort Women”


Honouring the Grandmas through Remembrance, Solidarity and Action

Sexual violence against women in war and armed conflict is a crime against humanity present throughout history and that unfortunately continues to this very day. One of the most heinous examples was the widespread Japanese Military Sexual Slavery (JMMS) system that occurred during World War II. 

As we commemorate the 9th International Memorial Day for “Comfort Women” and honour the grandmas who lived through this unimaginable suffering, it is important that we see and remember them as more than just victims of JMSS. We should see them as more than just survivors and social activists, we can never forget the individuality and mere humanity of every single one of the grandmas and how they were someone’s daughter, sister, and loved one. 

We should not only stand in solidarity with the grandmas, but actively pursue being an extension of everything that they are still fighting for. For example, Grandma Kim Bok-dong and Grandma Gil Won-ok promised to support women who still suffer from sexual violence in armed conflict with reparations they would receive from the Japanese government. We should follow in their footsteps by fighting for redress on the JMSS issue, while simultaneously helping those who suffer from contemporary forms of sexual violence. 

It is incumbent on each and everyone one of us to ensure and create a peaceful future where the atrocities that the grandmas lived through never happen again.

Brandon Choi, Education Program Associate, ALPHA Education

M.E.F invites you to our Myanmar Community Food Fair & Evening Bazaar at 12 High Meadow Place, North York ( Toronto ) , ON M9L 2Z5 ( Toronto Burmese Buddhist Temple ) on August 14

This is a fundraising by MEF (Myanmar Emergency Fund) group which has been supporting victims in Myanmar whose lives have been destroyed by brutal military regime since they took over illegally since Feb 1, 2021. MEF has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars since then and sending all donations to these affected areas and victims. 

 We are doing this fund raising outdoor for the first time since pandemic, still being taking necessary precautions with Covid-19 and variant alert. It will be in the parking lot behind our Buddhist Monastery (Mahadhammika Temple). Masks and social distancing are still required except during your meal. Cars can park on the street in front of the Monastery.

I promise 99% of the food are delicious authentic Burmese food (depends on your taste bud- hot and spicy, sweet and sour, crispy and oily) prepared by tirelessly working group since the “Spring Revolution” started. 100% of the proceeds go to the victims, their displaced families, CDM (Civil Disobedience Movement) workers, PDF (People’s Defence Forces) and many more who are fighting in the front line in Myanmar.

We will be very honored to see you there to support our struggle for fighting democracy and freedom, not only in Myanmar but in all other countries going through in the similar situation as ours. All are invited.

We are praying the weather will cooperate.

Date: Aug 14, 2021 (Saturday)

Time:  6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Place: 12 High Meadow Place

          North York, ON

          M9L 2Z5


Program Preview – 節目搶先看

Taiwan, A View With South Korea in Mind – Rex How
從另一個方向看台灣 – 和韓國的對照 – 郝明義South Korean and Taiwanese societies share similar historical trajectories, but what makes them different? Korea-born, Rex How moved to Taiwan for nearly 50 years. He is the author and publisher of “Taiwan Unbound”, a book that reminds the world that Taiwan is an island surrounded on all four sides by water, and the empowerment of existing amidst the sea. 

韓國和台灣有著相似的歷史進程,為什麼卻走向截然不同的分叉路?出生於韓國的郝明義移居台灣近 50 年,是台灣知名的出版人及作家。這次他將用七本書精闢解析台灣與韓國的性格差異以及他們的未來!郝明義在著作《如果台灣的四周是海洋》當中,提醒讀者:台灣是一個四面環海的島嶼,而我們必須擁有敢於冒險的海洋思維。

Ancestor Song – Janice Jo Lee
超思異響 What have our ancestors passed on to us? How do we use our gifts to serve our community?
Join us as Janice shares a compilation of pieces she has composed in her healing—songs of resistance, rest, remembering, regrowing and emerging into power and love!

我們的祖先傳承了什麼給我們?而我們如何運用這些流傳下來的天賦,為社會及社區做出貢獻?和我們一起聆聽 Janice 在過去幾年自我療癒的過程中所創作,關於反抗 、治癒 、紀念、再生,以及走入愛與力量的歌曲。

Confucius or Confused – Ann Y.K. Choi

Join Ann Y.K. Choi as she discusses the generations of Korean Canadians who cultivate a Korean identity through various cultural and religious associations—how does the influence of Confucian thinking continue to play an impacting role in Korean ethics, etiquette and way of life? What does it mean to juggle vastly different cultural expectations that come from competing social identities and norms? 

在透過各種文化或宗教團體來培養韓國認同的幾代韓裔加拿大人當中,儒家思想如何在他們身上發揮作用?怎麼影響著韓裔社群的倫理觀、禮儀和生活方式?而韓裔加拿大人又如何在雙重身份與規範中駕馭著截然不同的社會期待呢?Ann Y.K. Choi 將在節目中為各位一一解答!

New World – Ken Hsieh

Maestro Ken Hsieh and the TAIWANfest Orchestra are going to celebrate the all-time great movements of people through the works such as Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3, as well as Arirang, a song speaking about leaving and reunion, sorrow, joy and happiness. 指揮家謝建得及台灣文化節交響樂團將攜手祝福所有人成功走向未來,讓我們透過貝多芬的「第三號交響曲」,以及一首關於離別與重逢、悲傷與幸福的歌曲—韓國的「阿里郎」,帶領人類過去追求自由的偉大精神一同向前進。

Taste of Taiwan – Du Hsiao Yueh
In the old days, a simple noodle dish or a bowl of rice with mixed vegetables could be the most delicious dish for a whole generation. Tastes and memories are what made dishes great; however, some of these great traditions are lost as we live through such a fast-paced world. One of the most iconic brands in Taiwanese culinary history is in Toronto, bon appétit.以前, 一道簡單的湯麵或是一碗加了雜菜的飯可能都是一代人難以忘懷的回憶。雖然味道與記憶是美食不可或缺的元素,但有些傳統中樸實無華的好卻在高速化的世界裡慢慢地遺失。一個深具台灣代表性的小吃品牌已經來到多倫多了,我們開動吧!

Mountains Seas and Plains – Li-Po Chen
山・海・原 – 陳立栢

Li-Po Chen, the CEO of the Chen Chengpo Cultural Foundation believes an answer can be found in the mountains, the sea, and the plains that make up Taiwan’s breathtaking natural environments.


Untold Stories of Taiwan – Tse-Yi Wang
你不知道的台灣冷知識 – 王澤毅

Dr. Tse-Yi Wang, a scientist, historian and professor has examined multiple perspectives, such as the DNA in our blood, the route of human migration, and the contextual history of social development to change the world and even the Taiwanese’s own understanding of Taiwan.


Su Beng, The Revolutionist – Lih-Kuei Chen
革命進行式 – 陳麗貴
We are excited to share a film by Taiwanese Film Director, Lih-Kuei Chen’s “Su Beng, The Revolutionist”!  Throughout his life, Su Beng has been active across four continents, fighting against three regimes. Some say he is a Don Quixote, dreaming of what is impossible, or a Che Guevara, as an active revolutionary in East Asia.


Small Talk – Hui-Chen Huang
日常對話 – 黃惠偵

We are excited to share Hui-Chen Huang’s “Small Talk”! Through seemingly ordinary daily conversations, documentary director Hui-Chen Huang carefully recounts memories of growing up with a mother whose work as a Taoist priest involved aiding spirits in passing on from the mortal world, a physically abusive father, and the insecurities born from an absence of maternal love in an attempt to understand her estranged mother.