Philippine Independence Day Council

Philippine Independence Day Council (PIDC) is a non profit organization that puts together various events for the Filipino Canadian community.

The Philippine Independence Day Council (“PIDC”) is

a non-profit umbrella organization of over a hundred Filipino-Canadian provincial, regional, professional, cultural and social organizations. PIDC is mainly tasked with the celebration of Philippine Independence Day celebrations with numerous activities throughout the year that bring together the fourth largest minority group in Canada.

PIDC began as a committee whose chair was elected annually by representatives of various Filipino-Canadian associations. To ensure smooth transition and provide continuity in its activities, PIDC was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1997. Today, PIDC has established a reputation for organizing top-notch, professional events that promote the talents and accomplishments of Filipinos throughout the world.

PIDC is also a member of the Canadian Multicultural Council of Asians in Ontario (“CMC”), Festivals and Events Ontario (“FEO”) and Imagine Canada.

PIDC endeavors to foster unity within the Filipino-Canadian community by showcasing Philippine heritage and culture to mainstream society. In addition, PIDC actively participates in events that bring together other ethnic backgrounds to develop mutual awareness and appreciation for people from all parts of the world.

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