Congratulations Dr. Cheung!

Our heartfelt congratulations to CCCGT Founding Chairman Dr. Ming Tat Cheung for winning the 2021Chinese Peace Prize Award presented by Chinese People’s Federation for World Peace! Our happiness knew no boundaries the moment Dr. Cheung won the award. It’s a proud moment for CCCGT, a historical moment for Chinese Canadians.

Dr. Cheung demonstrates the sharing of our heritage with Canadian multicultural communities. He promotes harmonious relationship, leading with examples and acting with care. An exemplary leader for Chinese Canadians. We are honoured to witness the recognition of Dr. Cheung’s work by the global communities beyond our border. We hope this will inspire you to do the same!

We invite all of you to read Dr. Cheung’s statement, highlighting CCCGT’s value:


“An elderly person does not only look after his or her own relatives, nor only take care of his or her own children. The old should be given respect and hope; the strong adults should be the most useful; the young should have the opportunity to grow; the widowed, the lonely and the sick should all receive support.” Although centuries old, these teachings are very relevant to today’s challenges of poverty, inequality, and the protection of society’s most vulnerable.

Lastly, special thanks to the Chinese People’s Federation for World Peace — Canada for organizing the award ceremony and to all in attendance!

Building a Stronger Business through Diversity

The purpose of this webcast is to provide an
educational piece to business owners on:

Why do we need to become diverse and inclusive?
How do we develop a plan to increase intersectionality and change culture?
How do we operationalize and implement that plan?
How do we monitor and measure results?
How do we promote diversity and inclusion outside of the organization and
into the community?

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Standing Together: The Psychology of Inclusion and Belonging

During this unprecedented time of a global pandemic, we are
learning that standing together is more important than ever. Join
Dr. Nasreen Khatri for an interactive session on the psychology of
inclusion and belonging. Learn practical tips on how to build
togetherness within and between communities.
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