United We Stand

Tribute to Friendship Invitation

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Tribute to Friendship – a celebration of harmony between the Jewish and Chinese people through the arts. Finding commonalities and respecting differences, this exhibition explores the 1000 years history of the Jewish presence in China. Artists from the two communities will showcase their work in a multi-disciplined and interpretive overview of the historical connections.

On May 25th, you are cordially invited to join us at 7:00pm for the Opening Night of the Tribute to Friendship Exhibition, with an evening of exciting entertainment at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto.

Please find below the invitation with more details of the event. Kindly RSVP to http://www.cccgt.org/ttf_registration/ by May 13th. Thank you.

It’s Time for a COVID-19 Booster

The COVID-19 vaccine is highly effective, but like many vaccines, a booster shot is needed to ensure the most protection over time. The COVID-19 booster provides added protection from the virus and its variants. Getting a booster helps prevent serious illness, hospitalization and death,

On March 31, CMC hosted a group of 25 students & 2 teachers from Denmark at the Chinese Cultural Centre.

On March 31, CMC hosted a group of 25 students & 2 teachers from Denmark at the Chinese Cultural Centre. They are interested to learn about Canadian multiculturalism and the history of Chinese in Canada. Our President, Mar Mar Cho spoke about CMC and multiculturalism in Canada & Toronto. Joe Chen talked about the history of Chinese in Canada and introduced activities at the Chinese Cultural Centre. Sid Kiyoshi Ikeda played the harmonica and spoke about his experience as a Japanese Canadian and about the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. Vicky Zhou talked about her multiculturalism experience from the perspective as a Chinese Canadian youth. On the tour of the Chinese Cultural Centre, Tin Chung spoke about the Hakka Wall display and the history of the Hakka minority of China. After the tour of the Centre, a multicultural lunch was served, with Chinese food provided by the Chinese Cultural Centre, Burmese chicken fried rice provided by Mar Mar Cho, Hakka noodles provided by Joseph Sheon, Tamil appetizers provide by Raj Thavaratnasingham and Taiwanese pineapple cakes provided by David Hu. They all seemed to enjoy our hospitality.