United We Stand


ㅇ The 2022 Korea Week is organized in collaboration with Korea Tourism Organization Toronto Office, OIS ART OF CANADA, University of Toronto Centre for the Study of Korea, Kukkiwon(World Taekwondo Headquarters), Korean Canadian Writers’Association, Toronto Korean-Canadian Choir, Soocha Tea, and Reel Asian International Film Festival.

□ 2022 Korea Week will deliver various events under 7 distinctive themes where everyone can enjoy Korean culture.

(1) Korean Art Week

ㅇ Mon. Sep. 19. / Fri. Sep. 30. <2022 Korean day Commemorative Exhibition> “Korea & Canada International Art Exhibition : The Soul of East and West” Exchanging 5 Korean artists and 5 Canadian artists to understand and experience the culture and arts of both countries.

(see details @ overseas.mofa.go.kr/ca-toronto-en/index.do)

(2) Korean Sports Week

ㅇ Fri. Oct. 14 7:00pm~8:00pm Inviting Kukkiwon Demonstration Team to perform Taekwondo and offering locals an opportunity to experience Korean Sports and Cultures.

(see details @ overseas.mofa.go.kr/ca-toronto-en/index.do)

(3) Korean Literature Week

ㅇ Mon. Oct. 17 / Wed. Oct. 19 7:00pm~8:00pm Webinar : “Analyzing Korea with BTS” and “The meaning of ‘Fan-song’ in K-pop” for anyone interested in Korea and Korean storytelling.
(see details @ overseas.mofa.go.kr/ca-toronto-en/index.do)

(4) Korean Language Week

ㅇ Sat. Oct. 22 2:00pm~4:00pm A online participatory quiz contest “Quiz on Korea” for non-Koreans who study Korean language in Canada to enhance knowledge about Korean culture and history.

(see details @ overseas.mofa.go.kr/ca-toronto-en/index.do)

(5) Korean Music Week

ㅇ Sat. Oct. 29 7:00pm~8:30pm Holding “Korea-Canada Music Concert : Korean folk songs to Beethoven, Music connects beyond language”with diverse music programs connecting Korea to Canada.

(see details @ overseas.mofa.go.kr/ca-toronto-en/index.do)