United We Stand

Tribute to KIM PHUC – Peace, Love, and Forgiveness

Kim Phuc Phan Thi is known around the world as “The Girl in the Picture” and the “Napalm Girl.” In 1972, at age 9, she was immortalized in a Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph that shows her screaming and running naked down a road in Trang Bang, Vietnam, after having her clothes burned off by napalm. A living symbol of the atrocities of war, she is a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and the founder of The KIM Foundation International (KFI), a nonprofit dedicated to providing funds to support the work of international organizations that provide free medical assistance to child-victims of war, violence, and deprivation.
The KFI has a rich history of supporting children in India, Tajikistan, East Timor, Romania, Kenya, Ghana, and Uganda. Most recently the KFI is proud to add Vietnam to this list of nations as they partner financially with Children’s Library International (https://childrenslibraryinternational.org/) to construct a library for children in Bình Định, a south central province of Vietnam. Kim is so pleased to see her dream of a learning centre
for children in Vietnam finally becoming a reality.

Emmanuel Orphanage cares for approximately 160 children in Kerala, India; helping to meet financial needs as they arise, the KFI has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to meet the children’s living, health-care, and educational needs, as well as to provide money for a vehicle and to assist with the cost of building a new boys home. In 2018 Kim visited the orphanage to meet the children and was embraced by a very warm welcome.

The conflict in Ukraine has displaced millions. On July 4th Kim accompanied 236 Ukrainian refugees on a flight from Poland to their new home in Canada. Kim knows what it means to have to flee one’s homeland and was deeply moved by spending time with these dear souls. The flight was piloted by Enrique Piñeyro for his NGO Solidaire. Solidaire has partnered with Open Arms, founded by Òscar Camps, to rescue refugees from harms way. Kim joined Solidaire on a second trip in August and anticipates more trips as opportunities arise.

Through its history of more than two decades, the KFI has helped fund the construction, supply, and operation of hospitals, schools, orphanages, and libraries, and is proud to have played a key financial role in supporting many noble projects to help children in need. Visit www.kimfoundation.com to learn more about current and past projects.

1000 Lanterns Ceremony

CCC will be hosting the 1000 Lanterns Ceremony in collaboration with the Stronger Together Coalition again this year. The 1000 Lanterns Ceremony is a commemorative event for the Indigenous children from residential schools who were buried at unmarked graves.

Please help CCC build the Asian Garden!

We have successfully completed our first week of the 2022 Waterfront Marathon fundraising campaign! So far, we raised a total of $9,252.76, and we still have a long way to go! During this week, some of our members will be warming up for the in-person race on Sunday, while others will be completing the race within their own community.

Either way, they are all working hard towards the same goal of raising funds for our Asian Garden, an incredible tribute to the Canadian multicultural landscape that celebrates our cultural values including 孝道(Filial Piety), 培育(Cultivate), 友誼(Friendship), and 傳承(Heritage). 

Please donate generously to bring this beautiful space to life!