Canadian Multicultural Council

The Canadian Multicultural Council – Asians in Ontario (CMC) is a Toronto based non-profit, non-political umbrella organization of more than twenty Asian Canadian associations representing various Asian countries and cultures. It was established in 1998 to promote inter-cultural cooperation among its members and racial harmony through the understanding of cultures and heritage.

CMC's Objective

The objective of CMC is to promote Asian heritage and culture within the mosaic of Canadian multiculturalism. Since its inception, it has involved in the celebration and promotion of Asian arts, culture and heritage mainly through the promotion of the Asian Heritage Month. CMC is also involved in various charitable fundraising activities for Asian calamities and natural disaster relief efforts.​

Fundraising Activities for Asian Disaster Relief

  • Afghanistan Earthquake
  • Sri Lanka Flooding
  • Asian Tsunami
  • South Asia Earthquake
  • Indonesia Earthquake
  • Philippine Mudslide
  • Bangladesh Flooding
  • Myanmar Cyclone
  • Sichuan, China Earthquake
  • Taiwan Typoon
  • Haiti Earthquake
  • China Earthquake & Pakistan Flooding
  • Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

Council of Past Presidents

1998 – 1999John Suh
2000 – 2001Sid Ikeda
2002 – 2003Ming-Tat Cheung
2004 – 2005Jose A. Saavedra Jr.
2006 – 2007Manmohan Singh
2008 – 2009Joseph Chen
2010 – 2011Henry Lee
2012 – 2013Joseph Chen
2014 – 2015Tom Vongphakdy
2016 – 2017Jae Chong
2018Norbu Tsering
2019Jae Chong
2020 – 2021Raj Thavaratnasingham
2022 – 2023Mar Mar Cho