Association Meatophum Khmer of Canada

Association Meatophum Khmer of Canada (“AMKC”) is a non profit organization that puts together various events for the Cambodian Canadian community.

AMKC early founders was to assist Cambodian refugees in Ontario and Quebec in acculturating to life in Canada, while preserving the Cambodian culture, customs, and values.

Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country known for its rich culture, ancient temples, and tragic recent history. The country has a population of over 17 million peoples, with its capital city being Phnom Penh. Cambodia is home to the world-famous Angkor Wat temple complex, which draws millions of visitors each year. The country’s history has been marked by a devastating genocide in the 1970s under the Khmer Rouge regime, which has had lasting effects on the country’s political and social landscape. Cambodia is slowly recovering and has become a popular tourist destination for its beautiful beaches, tropical jungles, and friendly people.

About Us

Association Meatophum Khmer of Canada (“AMKC”) is a non-profit organization in Ontario Which serves as the voice of Cambodian-Canadians.

AMKC has been instrumental in establishing the Cambodian community in Toronto and promoting its culture and heritage, and alongside the small businesses of Cambodian-Canadian members.

AMKC is mainly tasked with the celebration of Cambodian Independence Day with numerous activities throughout the year that bring Cambodians together.

Today, AMKC has established a reputation for organizing outstanding supports, cultural events that promote the talents and accomplishments of Cambodians throughout Canada.

AMKC is also a member of the Canadian Multicultural Council of Asians in Ontario (“CMC”).


Our mission is to improve the quality of life of Cambodian-Canadian in Ontario through direct service, advocacy and cultural education.


Our vision is to empower Cambodian-Canadian to be productive and successful individuals in society at large.


AMKC endeavors to foster unity within the Cambodian-Canadian community by showcasing Cambodian culture and heritage to mainstream society. In addition, AMKC actively participates in events that bring together other ethnic backgrounds to develop mutual awareness and appreciation for people from all parts of the world.

We inspire enduring philanthropy and enable community solutions to improve the quality of life in our region.

  1. We uphold Canadian values of human rights, multiculturalism, religious and cultural diversity, gender equality, pluralism and volunteerism;
  2. We promote the participation of Cambodian-Canadian in activities of local, regional, provincial and national importance;
  3. We work with various levels of Governments in Canada to highlight and resolve issues impacting Cambodian-Canadian Cooperate with Canadian and international organizations in alleviating the suffering and provide humanitarian assistance to Cambodian worldwide;
  4. We champion for equality, equality rights and equal opportunity for all diverse groups, in particular gender equality, by working towards the elimination of all forms of discrimination and intolerance;
  5. We recognize and support the social, cultural and political aspirations of the Cambodian in Cambodia and worldwide;
  6. We advance the research, study and usage of the Khmer language and culture;
  7. We develop and enhance working relationships with other ethnocultural groups in Canada.


Our Principles of Community

All People

We act with integrity and respect for one another and the communities we serve.

  • We promote a culture of belonging built on trust, integrity, and the respectful exchange of ideas.
  • We create opportunities for all voices to be heard, supporting individual thought and discussion to build a better future.
  • We reject all acts of discrimination and embrace understanding and acceptance of others.
  • We understand that continuous listening and adaptation is needed to evolve.

All Partners

We engage diverse perspectives to foster collaboration and innovative solutions.

  • We value the perspectives of all partners and create spaces to educate, collaborate and convene as we address the most pressing issues facing our region.
  • We seek partners reflective of our communities to foster understanding, learning and innovative strategies.
  • We commit to equitable decision-making that dismantles imbalances of power.

Our Region

Together, we strive for an inclusive community where everyone has equitable access to opportunity.

  • We acknowledge the importance of diverse cultures, landscapes and environments that strengthen our binational region.
  • We enable conversations and connections that bring new talent and resources to expand the collective potential of the region.
  • We invest in communities that face barriers to increase equitable opportunities for all.


Email: | Tel: +1 (416) 450-5987


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