Concern-Nepal, Canada

About Concern Nepal Canada

All Nepalese and non-Nepalese people who love Nepal play an important role for the overall (holistic) development of Nepal. Nepalese people living outside Nepal are ambassadors and responsible for promoting Nepal internationally. The notion of Concern-Nepal, Canada emerged from some intellectuals living in Toronto, Canada a few years ago with an invigorating spirit of developing and promoting Nepal internationally. This intellectual group has been organizing programs that are related to Nepal and its recognition.

This intellectual movement for branding Nepal internationally is both political and nonpolitical. Primarily it is a non-political movement in the sense neither it shows any concern with political ideology that political parties and individuals work with nor it makes any good or bad comments on their activities. It aims at considering this as a Geo-political movement so as to promote Nepal to the world politics and in other communities so that Nepal could become a place of attraction.

NRN association, the common forum of Nepalese residing outside Nepal, was founded in 2003. Even if there is some sort of objective in the NRN foundation, our imperative is as it believes in “Nepali For Once Is Nepali Forever.” However, there is no any agreement (hidden interest) in the movement of Concern-Nepal, Canada. It is dedicated only to offer something to Nepal and Nepalese people.

Contribution for the development of Nepal by professional intellectuals who are living abroad temporarily or permanently. Intellectual think-tank with Nepalese origin and well- wishers of Nepal and Nepalese people’s working towards better Nepal is realized more at present than before. Concern Nepal Group is a group of individuals with positive cooperation and sound objective, and it is dedicated to the continuous support for Nepal and Nepalese people in economic, social, political and cultural sectors. Stakeholders are welcomed fully, and this group will be expanded internationally based on needs.


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