Check out what’s happening this week at CCC Engage Encore!

Enjoy cooking on Monday at 2pm; how to use cell phone to take professional photos on Monday at 3:30pm; learn Chinese Painting on Wed at 3:30pm; meet the Canadian Chinese Orchestra’s Artist on Thursday at 2pm; Taichi on Thursday at 3:30pm; Anti-Asian Racism Presentations & Discussions Webinar on July 22 at 4pm; Chair Yoga from Monday to Friday at 10:30am Register:

Anti-Asian Racism Video presentation and Discussion

The Stronger Together Webinar for July will be held on Thursday, 22 at 4 pm, in collaboration with our Coalition Partner CPAC. The speaker is Teresa Woo-Paw, the first Asian Canadian woman elected to the Calgary Board of Education and the Alberta Legislature where she served as a Cabinet Minister. Please join us at this interactive event next Thursday. I have attached the flyer with the link for you to register. 
Secondly, I would like to call a round table zoom meeting with all of you on Thursday, August 5, at 6 pm. We will discuss about our upcoming fall activities. Kindly let me know if you can attend. 

Congratulations to Ms. RoseAnne Archibald, National Chief of the Assembly of the First Nations

July 12, 2021

Ms. RoseAnne Archibald,

National Chief of the Assembly of the First Nations,

55 Metcalfe Street,

Suite 1600,

Ottawa, ON K1P 6L5

Dear National Chief Ms. RoseAnne Archibald,

Congratulations on being elected the first Woman National Chief of the Assembly of the First Nations at the 42nd Annual General Assembly.

At a critical moment for Canada’s relationship with Indigenous people, we are glad that someone of your stature with years of varied experience, including being outgoing regional chief of Ontario, will lead the AFN. We stand in solidarity with your pledge to work with the governments to implement the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s call to action.  Our Indigenous people have endured injustices for many years and they continue to face these challenges today. We stand in solidarity with them and look forward to strengthening our relationship, while supporting their efforts as they rightfully seek justice.

The Canadian Multicultural Council – Asians in Ontario, is an umbrella organization representing 20 – Canadian associations of various Asian countries, ethnic regions, and cultures. We are a Toronto based non-profit, non-political umbrella organization. Our objective is to be a leader in promoting Asian heritage and culture within the mosaic of the Canadian multicultural society. We aim to build a vibrant multicultural society and to promote racial harmony through the understanding of cultures and heritages.

Once again congratulations on your appointment, and we look forward to working with you and all indigenous nations to build a better Canada.

Sincerely yours,

Raj Thavaratnasingham

President – CMC

Scarborough Summerfest 2021

CCC is hosting the virtual annual Scarborough Summerfest tomorrow evening, Friday, at 7:30 pm, in collaboration with our Community Partners Toronto Hakka Heritage Alliance, Caribbean Jazz Collective and Toronto Chinese Orchestra.

Before the pandemic, this was an annual three-day event that had always taken place on the second weekend of July. It was a celebration in summer with our diverse and multicultural communities through music, dance and cultural sharing. The festival had been attended by thousands of visitors. However, this year we are going virtual; therefore, we hope more people can enjoy the show from the comfort of their homes.

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend this event. Kindly view the attached flyer, which provides a link to join the show. We look forward to your virtual participation, thank you. 
We hope we will be able to get together in person at CCC next year to celebrate Scarborough Summerfest 2022!